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Presentations from the UNH 2013 High Reynolds Boundary Layer Workshop

High Reynolds Boundary Layer Turbulence: Integrating Descriptions of Statistical Structure, Scaling, and Dynamical Evolution
University of New Hampshire, November 20-22, 2013

Session 1 Analysis, Models and Modelling Ideas from Transitional and Low Re Studies

Wed Nov. 20 9:00-11:00am
Chair: J. Klewicki

On the congruity of transitional and developed turbulent boundary layers
Parvis Moin (Stanford University)

Patterns in wall-bounded flows
Tobias Schneider (Max Planck Institute, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)

Osborne Reynolds pipe flow: Direct simulations and visualizations from laminar through transition to fully-developed turbulence
Xiaohua Wu (Royal Military College of Canada), P. Moin (Stanford University) & R. Adrian (Arizona State University)

Exact near-wall travelling waves in plane Poiseuille flow
John Gibson (University of New Hampshire)

Session 2: Reynolds Number Scaling

Wed Nov. 20 11:00am-1:00pm
Chair: I. Marusic

Reynolds-number scaling of turbulent channel flow
Mike Schultz (US Naval Academy)

Reynolds number scaling of dissipative motions
Sean Bailey (University of Kentucky)

An idealised assessment of Townsend’s similarity hypothesis for wall turbulence
Daniel Chung (University of Melbourne)

Scaling of turbulence in pipes and channels
Marcus Hultmark (Princeton University)

Turbulent/Non-turbulent interface in turbulent boundary layers: scaling and organisation
Kapil Chauhan (University of Melbourne)

Session 3: Experimental Facilities and Measurement Capabilities

Wed Nov. 20 2:30-4:30pm
Chair: M. Wosnik

Recent results on high Reynolds number boundary layer and pipe flows
Lex Smits (Princeton University)

The Long Pipe at CICLoPE: Updates and perspectives
Gabriele Bellani (KTH, Sweden, University of Bologna)

Large Reynolds number boundary layer investigation with sophisticated high resolution imaging techniques
Christian J. Kähler (Universität der Bundeswehr München)

Measuring the joint probability density function of velocity and higher moments of the velocity fluctuations across a turbulent boundary layer
Julio Soria (Monash University)

Space time 3D3C pressure velocity correlations in high Reynolds number turbulent boundary layers
Michel Stanislas (Université Lille)

Session 4 : Characterizations and Models of Statistical Structure

Thu Nov. 21 8:00-10:30am
Chair: L. Smits

Rigorous estimates of turbulent dissipation in shear flows
Charlie Doering (University of Michigan)

Numerical studies on high-order derivative moments in turbulent shear flows and convective turbulence
Joerg Schumacher (Ilmenau University of Technology)

Production and energy transfer in wall bounded shear flows
Elisabetta De Angelis (University of Bologna)

Lie-group derivation of a bulk flow scaling for wall-bounded turbulence
Xi Chen (Peking University)

Behavior of the boundary layer vorticity field as the Reynolds number gets large
Joe Klewicki (University of New Hampshire/Melbourne)

Session 5: Toward Systematic Models

Thu Nov. 21 10:30am-4pm
Chair: B. McKeon

Modeling and simulation in rotationally constrained flows
Keith Julien (University of Colorado)

How linear is wall-bounded turbulence?
Javier Jimenez (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid)

Asymptotic approaches for high Reynolds number shear flows
Greg Chini (University of New Hampshire)

Small-scale intermittency and modelling of boundary layers: from LES to VLES
Victor Yachot (Boston University)

Simple models for structure in wall turbulence
Ati Sharma (University of Southampton)

Why are CFD RANS models good and how can they be better?
Zhen-Su She (Peking University)

Asymptotic analysis of the magnetorotational instability
Edgar Knobloch (University of California, Berkeley)

Session 6: Non-Canonical Flows, Perturbations and Boundary Condition Effects A

Thu Nov. 21 4:00-5:00pm
Chair: C. White

Turbulent boundary layer flow over roughness with a predominant streamwise elongation: transverse mixing and deltascale heterogeneities
Will Anderson (Baylor University) & Ken Christensen (University of Illinois)

Characterization of momentum transfer and turbulence in unsteady boundary layers over very rough boundaries
Diane Foster (University of New Hampshire)

The role of external conditions in turbulent boundary layers
Luciano Castillo (Texas Tech)

Session 7: Coherent Motions A

Fri Nov. 22 8:00-11:00am
Chair: N. Hutchins

Critical layer phenomena in wall turbulence
Beverley McKeon (California Institute of Technology)

Large scale features of turbulent pipe flow
David Dennis (Liverpool University)

Statistical structure of self-sustaining attached eddies in turbulent channel flow
Yongyun Hwang (University of Cambridge)

Large scale structures based on pressure in high-Reynolds number turbulent boundary layer
Yoshiyuki Tsuji (Nagoya University)

Turbulent net force and the structure of eddies
Ron Adrian (Arizona State University)

Session 8: Non-Canonical Flows, Perturbations and Boundary Condition Effects B

Fri Nov. 22 11:00am-1:00pm
Chair: J. McHugh

On attempts to perturb the large-scale structures in turbulent boundary layers
Nick Hutchins (University of Melbourne)

The effects of shear and blocking in a rapidly distorted boundary layer
Jonathan Morrison (Imperial College, London)

The myth of laboratory two-dimensional wall-bounded turbulent flows
Hassan Nagib & Ricardo Vinuesa (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Reynolds number effects in rough-wall flows
Stefano Leonardi (University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez)

What are polymer drag reducing flows telling us about the mechanisms of wall-flow transport?
Chris White (University of New Hampshire) & Yves Dubief (University of Vermont)

Session 9: Coherent Motions B

Fri Nov. 22 2:30-5:00pm
Chair: J. Gibson

Dynamical systems approaches to internal and external boundary layers
Bruno Eckhardt (Universität Marburg)

The turbulent/quiescent interface of turbulent channel flow
Jason Monty (University of Melbourne)

The Lagrangian behaviour and enstrophy evolution of fluid particles near a T/NT interface in turbulent boundary layers
Callum Atkinson (Monash University)

Space-time evolution of turbulent stresses in the outer region of the boundary layer
Bharath Ganapathisubramani (University of Southampton)

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