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Howto blog on dokuwiki hiccups


subversion repository public
ChaosBook svn://localhost:22369/dasbuch/ blog
2D turbulence blog Schatz turbulence
Borrero svn://localhost:22369/halcrow/TEX/main.tex blog
Elton svn://localhost:22369/elton/blog/blog.tex blog
Gibson svn://localhost:22369/gibson/ blog
Halcrow svn://localhost:22369/halcrow/TEX/main.tex
Hyatt blog
Predrag svn://localhost:22369/halcrow/TEX/main.tex blog
Shah blog
Siminos svn://localhost:22369/siminos/ blog
Spieker svn://localhost:22369/spieker/ blog

PLEASE, keep writing text that can go into your project report or a publication into *.tex files on your svn repository, upload a pdf version to your dokuwiki blog if useful. — Predrag Cvitanovic 2009-02-01 09:42

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