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Blogging hiccups

Mere mortals allowed to edit HOWTOs. With the tree of nodes, multiple groups, and precedence rules, permissions get complex fast. Zeus 2009-03-27

to JohnG: now you have forbidden us mere mortals access to editing HowTo's? — Predrag Cvitanovic 2009-03-27 12:34

currently we can upload files only to :gtspring2006: . Can you also give :chaosbook: subdirectory the upload permission? — Predrag Cvitanovic 2009-03-09

Done. I revised my approach to the permissions tree (restricted ALL at a higher level and then made exceptions for ALL and gt09). Should be safer and more robust. John Gibson 2009-03-01 15:58 EST

2D turbulence blog and Spieker blog can be read without a login. Close them. — Predrag Cvitanovic 2009-02-27 14:42

The schedule looks good now. The weird effect was caused not by the length of “Read Halcrow” entry. Rather, if one removed “Details” section currently after the table, and placed it ahead of the table, the rows were single spaced entries - but with “Details” section appended, the table became double spaced. Never mind, we have more serious worries… — Predrag Cvitanovic 2009-02-27 00:49

Whipped the table into shape. The lines in a table get broken up and multi-lined if your browser isn't wide enough. I shortened the text in the schedule's “Read Halcrow” entry. Does that help? It looks good to me. John Gibson 2009-02-26 12:09 EST

John, thanks for fixing the blog of blogs table. Look at the schedule - I appended text further down the page, and now the table looks fecal. Do not see how to use your %%text%% fix there.

Oh man that's horrific! …a while later… Ok, I tweaked some elements of the table that looked unusual to me and found that ''text'' inside the table was throwing off the dokuwiki formatting. I switched those instances to %%text%% and it works ok. John Gibson 2009-02-26 10:34 EST

John, look at the schedule. I appended text further down the page, and now the table looks fecal. It's much worse with the blog of blogs table - if insert a link behind the table - the disaster sets in. Try appending text after it yourself. — Predrag Cvitanovic 2009-02-25 14:45

paprocki1.jpg It looks like the 2dturbulence and spieker blogs are currently visible while not logged in. Jon Paprocki 02/24/09 10:32 AM

I can see the schedule and your picture when I'm not logged in. I don't follow what you mean by putting text behind the blogs table. John Gibson 2009-02-24 10:14 EST

editing blog of blogs table is driving me crazy - if I put any text behind it, it falls apart into gibberish. — Predrag Cvitanovic 2009-02-24 05:27

2009-02-24 04:36

  • let's keep chaosbook blog open to public (with exception of NGfldt page, so far)
  • log out and have a look at dokuwiki then
    • schedule is not visible
    • funny things like my picture disappear
  • I think publishing the interesting bits of our research with greater speed is a cure for heartburn

Permissions fiddling: gtspring09 is readable to all but blogs requires gt09 registration for reading. Also blocked uploading to root channelflow namespace, since this was getting cluttered with stuff that belonged elsewhere. Moved siminos and paprocki images to gtspring2009 namespace as part of this and fixed some links to those. This might have broken links to these images elsewhere, but those can be fixed when found. Predrag, do you really want to open our research blogs to the world? I am pretty darned open but I would expect to get burned regularly if I opened my research blog to the world. I get burned often enough as is!

John, have you made most things under :gtspring2009 internal. That prevents anybody else from seeing what the study group schedule is, and amusing things like :gtspring2009:pc.png becoming invisible to strangers, even on the visible page. I vote for keeping everything open unless someone from Illinois or Wisconsin desires particular pages kept secret from the prying eyes of upright tax paying citizens and Wet & Wild voyeurs — Predrag Cvitanovic 2009-02-22 16:07

Good, thanks. Agreed that Latex plugin is not too great. It doesn't bother me too much, though. From my perspective it's ok if blogging looks crappy as long as it's cheap, fast, and simple. Otherwise it doesn't get done. Same goes for blogging figures. Once the I know what the right equations, ideal notation, and optimal figures are, then I'll switch to svn+latex and put effort into beautiful presentation. John Gibson 2009-02-05 12:09

Impressions so far - wiki is very easy to learn, easy to use. Even paper printed wiki seems pretty (at least if it is the Gibson blog). However, one thing bugs me - LaTeX is ugly, and painful - cannot clip back and fort between *.tex files and the wiki without lots of editing. — Predrag Cvitanovic 2009-02-01 09:42

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