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Borrero research blog, spring 2009

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Channelflow installation


8-o Please note: when you upload images, please make sure you upload them to the proper directory in the wiki. There is a directory menu on the left of the upload dialog box. Before uploading select your blog by clicking through, e.g. root:gtspring2009:research_projects:gibson for images in the gibson blog. Right now the root directory is cluttered with images that belong elsewhere. — John G 2009-01-27 12:00

:-P John G, is there a limit on the size of files to be uploaded to the wiki? We've got a couple of PIV movies of the 2-D turbulence cell that we'd like to show at the weekly meeting, but when I try to upload them it kind of runs through the motions but then nothing appears in the directory. I think I'm doing it correctly too as I have uploaded small .jpg files (e.g., fat-cat.jpg succesfully. Let me know. — Daniel B. 2009-01-27 11:39

8-o I need to modify a config file to allow different file types. What's the file extension for the movie you want to upload? — John G 2009-01-27 12:00

:-P Probably .mpg or .avi but maybe .mov or .mp4. — Daniel B. 2009-01-27 1:18

8-o I can enable the uploading of these file types, but I actually recommend converting to flash and using the dokuwiki flashplayer plugin instead (unlike youtube, the channelflow dokuwiki won't do that automatically). Some documentation on movie production and uploading is sorely needed. Will get to work on that today. John G 2009-01-28 12:48

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