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Channelflow documentation

Getting started



Channelflow includes a number of predefined command-line utilities that perform common calculations for research in the dynamics of turbulence. Most utilities read a velocity field from disk, operate on it according to command-line options, and save the resulting fields or data to disk. See utility options for an overview of the option/argument syntax.

program name purpose
addfields compute sum a_n u_n and store result to disk
arnoldi compute the eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of eqbs and orbits
ascii2field convert a file of ASCII data to a channelflow FlowField
changegrid change the discretization or box size of a field
continuefields quadratic continuation of fields against arbitrary parameter
continuesoln quadratic continuation of solutions against Re, Lx or Lz
couette integrate an initial condition, save results to disk
field2ascii convert a binary FlowField datafile to a file of ASCII data
field2hdf5 convert a binary FlowField datafile to a HDF5 datafile
fieldplots extract a number of 2D slices of the 3D field, good for plots
fieldprops print out norms, symmetries, geometrical data of a stored field
findsoln compute an equilibrium, traveling wave, or periodic orbit of plane Couette
L2Dist compute the L2 distance between two fields
L2IP compute the L2 inner product
makebasis construct an orthonormal basis from a set of fields
makeheatmode construct a field that decays in time according to Laplace eqn
makemovie extract slices of fields in order to make a movie
makestokesmode construct a stokes eigenfunction of laminar equilibrium
perturbfield add random perturbations to a given field
poincare compute a poincare section of plane couette or channel flow dynamics
projectfields project a set of fields onto a given basis
projectseries project a sequence of fields onto a given basis
randomfield build a random initial velocity field, save to disk
seriesprops compute statistics on a sequence of data
symmetrize find the phase shift of a field that optimize a given symmetry
symmetryop apply a given symmetry to a field


Some C++ basics.

C++ class header filerepresents
FlowField flowfield.h spectral expansions of scalar, vector, tensor fields (e.g. velocity)
DNS dns.h Direct Numerical Simulation algorithms (i.e. time-stepping scheme)
FieldSymmetry symmetry.h the symmetry group of FlowFields
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