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MATH 445: Mathematics and Applications with Matlab

Lecture: Tue, Thu 10:10-11:00am Demerrit 240
Lab section 1: Tue, Thu 12:40–2:00pm Memorial Union Building DL
Lab section 2: Tue, Thu 02:10–3:30pm Memorial Union Building DL
Lab section 3: Tue, Thu 03:40–5:00pm Memorial Union Building DL
Instructor: John Gibson. Office hours: Tue, Thu 11:10am-noon, Wed 3:40-4:30 N309E Kingsbury Hall
Teaching Assistant: Melanie Vining. Office hours: Mon, Wed 11:00am-1:30pm N316 Kingsbury Hall

Prerequisite: Math 418 or equivalent.
Recommended Texts:

  • Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists Brian D. Hahn, any edition.
  • Matlab: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving, S. Attaway, any edition.
  • Matlab Primer, Mathworks, Inc.

Additional References: Numerical Computing with Matlab, C. Moler; and Experiments with Matlab, C. Moler.
Download Matlab: UNH academic software (note: requires network license via UNH VPN)

Policies on grades, homeworks, labs, exams, etc.
Course outline and schedule.

Readings are listed as sections in the Attaway textbook

lab due topic
lab1 Sun 1/31 matlab basics
lab2 Sun 1/31 vectors, plotting
lab3 Sun 2/07 scripts, log-linear relations
lab4 Sun 2/14 linear algebra: the truss
lab5 Sun 2/21 programming basics
lab6 Sun 2/28 hamster dynamics / Google Page Rank
lab7 Sun 3/13 nonlinear equations, Newton's method
lab8 Sun 3/27 Monte Carlo methods, predicting elections
lab9 Sun 4/03 3d graphics
lab10 Sun 4/17 a gentle rain falls on Monte Sol
lab11 Sun 5/01 tick, tock, the pendulum clock
lab12 Sun 5/08 home run
homework due topic solutions
hw1 soon matlab basics
exam date time location topics
exam 1 Thu 03/03 10:10-11:00am DEM 240 exam 1 topics sample questions
exam 2 Thu 04/07 10:10-11:00am DEM 240 exam 2 topics
final Tue 05/17 8:00-10:00am PCAC M223 final exam topics
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