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Math 753/853


This course introduces mathematical algorithms and methods of approximation. Topics include a wide survey of approximation methods. Methods examined include polynomial interpolation, root finding, numerical linear algebra, numerical integration, and the approximation of differential equations. Included in each case is a study of the accuracy and stability of a given technique, as well as its efficiency.

In the fall of 2016 the course will also serve as an introduction to the Julia programming language.

Prerequisites: MATH 426; MATH 445 (or CS 410 or IAM 550). Essentially, calculus and some programming.


  1. To learn the fundamentals of solving mathematical problems numerically on computers.
  2. To develop basic fluency in the Julia programming language.
  3. To develop reading, writing, and speaking skills.


The course will follow a typical lecture, homework, exam format. On some occasions lecture time might be divided into 50 minutes lecture and 30 minutes in-class lab work, with students working individually or in pairs to solve sample problems on computers.

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