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MATH 445 Policies


You are expected to attend lecture. What you are responsible for understanding is defined by what is covered in lecture. You learn best by giving your undivided attention to the lecture, so private discussion and the use of electronic devices are strictly prohibited.


Labs are the key to succeeding in this class. You will work in groups of two or three to solve lab problems with Matlab, with guidance from the teaching assistant and instructor. You might feel totally lost and helpless to begin with, but there is no better way to learn programming than diving in and doing it.

You must plan on attending the labs and working diligently for the entire period. Excessive absence from lab will result in a reduced grade. Collaboration is allowed on lab exercises, but it is your responsibility to make sure you fully understand your individual or group solution in order to adequately prepare for the exams. You can turn group solutions to lab exercises with up to three students in a group. Each student must sign the last page as a certification that he or she contributed to the solution, fully understands the solutions, and could reproduce or explain the solution independently.


Homeworks will be posted to the Math 445 website on Monday or Tuesday nearly every week. Doing the homeworks will assure that you have the necessary knowledge of Matlab to solve the lab problems.

You should complete the problem sets independently. Copying from another student or any other source is prohibited. If you need help, refer to the textbook and Matlab help. If further assistance is needed, seek help from your teaching assistant or the instructor during their office hours. When turning in assignments, write your name, Math 445, and the HW # on the upper right-hand corner and staple the pages together.


Exams will be closed-book, closed-computer, and will cover all material in the course. The exams will tend to be difficult, in order to distinguish between students who have worked hard and those who have not.

Exams will take place in lecture time on the dates specified on the schedule, unless changes are necessitated by snow days or other disruptions. Make-up or alternate exams will be given only for participants in scheduled University athletic events (one week's notice required) and serious illness (e.g. hospitalization). If you miss an exam for any other reason, your grade on the exam will be zero. Do not make travel plans that would require you to miss class or leave campus before the end of the finals period.


Your course grade will be determined as follows

20% homework
30% labs
15% exam 1 in class Oct 2
15% exam 2 in class Oct 30
20% final exam TBD

Final letter grades will follow these ranges, approximately

A 93–100
A- 90–93
B+ 85–90
B 80–85
B- 75–80
C+ 70–75
C 65–70
C- 60–65
D 50–60
F < 50

If you miss an exam your score for that exam will be zero. Seriously. Make-up exams will be given under only for extraordinary circumstances, such as a serious injury, or for University-excused absences, such as scheduled UNH athletic competitions. Official documentation and one week's advance notice (in the case of scheduled events) are required.

Academic misconduct

Academic misconduct (such as copying) will result in a minimum of a reduced grade in the course and a letter to the Dean's office.

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