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MATH 445: Mathematics and Applications with Matlab

Lecture: Tue, Thu 8:40-9:30am Kingsbury S145
Lab: Tue, Thu 9:40-11:30am Kingsbury N139

Instructor: John Gibson, Kingsbury N309. Office hours: lab (preferred), Mon 12-1pm & Tue 2-3pm (backup)
Teaching Assistant: Jamie Spears. Office hours: TBD

Prerequisite: Math 418 or equivalent.
Recommended Text: Matlab: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving, S. Attaway, any edition.
Additional References: Numerical Computing with Matlab, C. Moler; and Experiments with Matlab, C. Moler.
Download Matlab: UNH academic software (note: requires network license via UNH VPN)

Policies on grades, homeworks, labs, exams, etc.
Course outline and schedule.
Example of what to turn in for a lab question

Tue 09/02 matlab basics diary 1.1-4 in textbook
Thu 09/04 more basics, vectors and matrices diary 1.5-6, 2.1-3
Tue 09/09 systems of eqns: the Ax=b problem diary 2.4
Thu 09/11 large matrices, scripts diary, solveAfb.m script 3.2
Tue 09/16 array operations, plotting diary 2.3, 3.5-6
Thu 09/18 logical arrays, log-linear relations diary
Tue 10/07 functions, if statements diary 3.1-4, 3.7
Thu 10/09 if-elseif-else and switch statements diary 4.1-4
Tue 10/14 for loops diary 5.1-2
Thu 10/16 more for diary
Tue 11/18 3D graphics diary
lab due topic
lab1 Tue 09/09 matlab basics
lab2 Tue 09/16 linear algebra, the truss
lab3 Thu 09/25 graphical data analysis
lab4 Tue 10/27 solving nonlinear equations with Newton's method
lab5 Tue 11/18 Google Page Rank
lab6 Thu 11/20 3D graphics
lab7 Thu 12/04 the pendulum
lab8 Thu 12/11 home run
homework due topic solutions
hw1 Thu 09/11 matlab basics, vectors and matrices hw1solns
hw2 Tue 09/23 array operations and plotting basics hw2solns
hw3 Thu 10/02 cumulative exam prep hw3solns
hw4 Tue 10/14 functions, if-else hw4solns
hw5 Tue 10/21 for loops
exam date topics review material results
exam 1 Thu 10/02 basics, vectors & matrices, plotting vocabulary, sample problems, sample exam results
exam 2 Thu 10/30 programming vocabulary,sample problems, sample problem solutions
final Thu 12/18 8-10am comprehensive vocabulary


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