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Exam results, Math 527 UNH spring 2013

Exam #1

exam 1 histogram

Comments: As you can see, performance on this exam was very good. Nearly 40% of the class scored in the 90-100% range. Congratulations to those and others who did well.

As I mentioned in lecture Wednesday, the material becomes more difficult from here on. So if you did well, don't rest on your laurels. If you didn't do well, let this be a wake-up call.

Exam #2

exam 2 histogram

Comments: Wow, people did even better on exam #2 than exam #1. Congratulations, and put those grades in the bank.

Exam #3

exam 3 histogram

Comments: This is a more typical distribution of grades for an undergraduate math/science/engineering course. I have curved the letter-grade bins downwards accordingly.

Current cumulative exam grade bins are

A: 89-100
B: 78--89
C: 67--78
D: 56--67
F:  0--56

These were obtained by average the boundaries of grade bins over the last three exams. Average your three exam grades to see where you stand.

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