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MATH 753/853 Policies


You are expected to attend lecture. 10% of your grade will determined by your attendance and participation in class (e.g. asking questions). What you are responsible for understanding is defined by what is covered in lecture. You learn best by giving your undivided attention to the lecture, so private discussion and use of cell phones are strictly prohibited.


Homeworks will be posted to the Math 753 website most weeks. You should complete the problem sets independently. Copying from another student or any other source is prohibited. If you need help, refer to the class notes and numerical methods resources on the course website. If further assistance is needed, seek help from the instructor during office hours.


Exams will be closed-book, closed-computer, and will cover new material since the last exam, except for the final exam, which is comprehensive.

Exams will take place in lecture time on the dates specified on the schedule, unless changes are necessitated by snow days or other disruptions. Make-up or alternate exams will be given only for participants in scheduled University athletic events (one week's notice required) and serious illness (e.g. hospitalization). If you miss an exam for any other reason, your grade on the exam will be zero. Do not make travel plans that would require you to miss class or leave campus before the end of the finals period.

Disability services

According to the ADAA, each student with a disability is responsible for notifying the University of his/her disability and requesting accommodations. If you think you have a qualified disabiity and need classroom accommodations, contact Disability Services for Students (DSS) (201 Smith Hall). Please advise the instructor of your disability as soon as possible to ensure timely implementation of appropriate accommodations. Faculty have an obligation to respond when they receive official notice of a disability from DSS but are under no obligation to provide retroactive accommodations. It is our intent to meet reasonable needs related to exams, notes, and absences for any student, and they will be addressed without formal documentation of disability.

Contact DSS for more information (603.862.2607,


Your course grade will be determined as follows

10% class participation
40% homework
15% exam 1
15% exam 2
20% final exam

Final letter grades will follow these ranges, approximately

A 94–100
A- 90–94
B+ 87–90
B 84–87
B- 80–84
C+ 77–80
C 74–77
C- 70–74
D 60–70
F < 60

Academic misconduct

Academic misconduct (such as copying) will result in a minimum of a reduced grade in the course and a letter to the Dean's office.

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