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Channelflow downloads

Current development code

Channelflow development code is hosted at To check out a fresh copy of the channelflow source run

  svn co

If you plan on tinkering with the channelflow source code, downloading with subversion is strongly recommended. Subversion will greatly simplify the process of merging your own modifications with future updates to the standard distribution. See for more on subversion usage.

Numbered releases

The current numbered release is channelflow-1.5.1, release date 2015-06-30. The 1.5.1 release fixes a bug in the Newton-Krylov-hookstep search algorithm introduced in 1.5.0 which causes poor performance in the findsoln utility (failed searches) when the Newton step exceeds the trust region radius.

Other than that bugfix, the most prominent changes since channelflow-1.4.2 are

  • a switch from Octave to Eigen for linear algebra
  • simplification of the build system (no more conditional compilation, all programs go into programs/)
  • unified treatment of “Reynolds number”, enabling continuation from plane Couette to channel conditions

Older numbered releases

These are all source code tarballs, compilable on most Linux distributions.

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