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Channelflow development projects

  • Add OpenMP parallelization
  • Extend coverage of Python wrapper to level of channelflow/programs
  • Use Python wrapper to connect to visualization toolkit
  • Change order of FlowField data layout from i,y,x,z to i,x,z,y
  • Bring User's Manual up to version 1.2.x
  • Implement velocity-vorticity algorithm
  • Implement body force. Hansjörg Seybold.
  • Implement Boussinesq approximation
  • Implement other wall boundary conditions: free-slip, blowing/sucking
  • Simplify/unify setting of DNS parameters
  • Write tecplot output function for FlowFields
  • Replace all error-and-exits with exceptions (for Python wrapping)
  • Simplify FlowField IO (always spectral)
  • Switch to 3/2 dealiasing
  • Implement 2D time integration (x,z periodic, no y variation)

Partially complete projects

  • Build packages for common Linux variants and OS-X: RPM, DPKG, …. 2008-09-26, v1.3.1: Simplified autoconf system allows straightforward RPM builds. Working on building packages for multiple OS's using openSUSE build farm. Will require separate channelflow and channelflow-devel packages. The fun never ends!

Completed projects

  • Improve build system: either bring current autoconf system into line with GNU standards or switch to Cmake. 2008-09-25, v1.3.0: autoconf system now runs with “./configure; make; make install” and compiles Octave-dependent code only when Octave is detected.
  • Write TUTORIAL. 2008-10-03, v1.3.3: Improved README, INSTALL, and examples/README, too.
  • Switch FlowField binary IO to HDF5. Thanks, Milos Ilak. May 2009
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