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 +<- [[:​chaosbook]]
 +====== Hiccups blog: ChaosBook kvetches ======
 +<span style="​color:​red;​font-size:​80%;​text-align:​right;">​This is the overall, conceptual ChaosBook blog: Enter latest posts at the top, blog-style
 +[[http://​​watch?​v=z83WWw3WtpE|docuwiki not working for you?]] [[http://​​kvetch|kvetch???​]] Gregor would love to contribute here, if he could only figure out how to log in.
 +{{gtspring2009:​gibson.png?​24 }} Recent insights: A thread is a new page with a discussion at 
 +the bottom. %%{{threads>​namespace:​threadname}}%% enables creation of these new pages. The most 
 +recently modified thread always gets listed on top. For channelflow discussion, I create discussion
 +topic pages like with normal dokuwiki links %%[[installation]],​ [[programming]]%%,​ and then
 +I put a "new threads"​ box %%{{threads>​installation}}%% within those pages. Maybe should be within
 +a ''​discussion''​ namespace, but no ''​channelflow''​ namespace since channelflow is the root.
 +// John Gibson 2009-02-13 19:42 EST//
 +{{gtspring2009:​gibson.png?​24 }} Ah, I see. Sorry about garbling the discussions and my errant finger pointing. ​ I'll put them back in. I read up on [[http://​​namespaces|dokuwiki namespaces]] and have a better ​
 +idea how to do this now, namely %%{{threads>​namespace:​threadname}}%%,​ e.g. %%{threads>​chaosbook:​intro}%% ​
 +which could be started from here or from a %%[[chaosbook:​intro]]%% page. OK. Trying this %%{{threads>​chaosbook}}%%:​ {{threads>​chaosbook}}
 +// John Gibson 2009-02-12 20:16 EST//
 +{{gtspring2009:​pc.jpg }} Thanks, and sorry. I did not put them there - it is the %%{{threads>​threadname}}%% ​ command that you have now removed from this page (and along with it the discussion window that unregistered people could enter posts in) that generated these pages. Back to zero - now no chapter has a discussion window, I think they used to have them.  --- //​[[|Predrag Cvitanovic]] 2009-02-12 14:58//
 +{{gtspring2009:​gibson.png?​24 }} When you create pages for chaosbook, make sure to put them
 +in the chaosbook namespace by starting the dokuwiki link with ''​chaosbook:'',​ e.g. %%[[chaosbook:​intro:​maps]]%%. ​
 +There were a bunch of chaosbook topics in the dokuwiki root namespace, which is for channelflow stuff. ​
 +I moved them and fixed a number of links. If you encounter other broken links please fix them. Thanks!
 +//John Gibson 2009-02-12//​
 +{{gtspring2009:​pc.jpg }} I have no control of how these threads are ordered? They should be ordered as the chapters in the book are ordered. Maybe [[http://​​plugin:​blog|blog plugin]] would be better, but it does not work for me yet...
 + --- //​[[|Predrag Cvitanovic]] 2009-01-28 05:37//
 +{{gtspring2009:​gibson.png?​24 }}  use %%{{threads>​threadname}}%% syntax ​ to start one discussion window per chapter.
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