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-====== References ====== 
-===== Numerical algorithms ===== 
-  ​ 
-   - L. Kleiser and U. Schuman, //Treatment of incompressibility and boundary conditions in 3-D numerical spectral simulations of plane channel flows,// in  Proc. 3rd GAMM Conf. Numerical Methods in Fluid Mechanics, ed. E. Hirsch (1980) ​ 
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-===== Dynamics of turbulence ===== 
-   * M. Nagata, //​Three-dimensional finite-amplitude solutions in plane Couette flow: bifurcation from infinity,// J. Fluid Mech. 217 (1990). Calculation of a lower/upper branch pair of equilibrium solutions to plane Couette flow.  
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-   * F. Waleffe, //Homotopy of exact coherent structures in plane shear flows,// Phys. Fluids 15 (2003). Exact numerical solutions to plane Couette flow with a variety of boundary conditions. Nagata-Waleffe lower branch and upper branch solutions served as the starting point of our investigation. ​ 
-   ​* ​ G. Kawahara and S. Kida, //Periodic motion embedded in Plane Couette turbulence: regeneration cycle and burst,// J. Fluid Mech. 449, 291 (2001). ​ The first determination of unstable time-periodic solutions in a fully-resolved Navier-Stokes flow.  
-   * D. Viswanath, //Recurrent motions within plane Couette turbulence// ​ J. Fluid Mech. 580 (2007) [arXiv:/​physics/​0604062]. A novel combination of the Newton-hookstep trust-region minimization algorithm with the GMRES algorithm for iterative solution of high-dimensional linear algebra problems. First computation of relative periodic orbits of plane Couette flow, using a CFD algorithm to evaluate Navier-Stokes dynamics and close recurrences for initial guesses. ​ 
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-   * J. Halcow, J.F. Gibson, P. Cvitanović,​ and D. Viswanath, //​Heteroclinic connections in plane Couette flow,// ​ J. Fluid Mech. (2009) to appear. Calculation of four heteroclinic connections between unstable equilibria of plane Couette flow. [[http://​​~gibson/​publications/​HalcrowARX08a.pdf|PDF]] 
-   * J. Halcrow, J.F. Gibson and P. Cvitanović,​ //​Equilibrium and traveling waves solutions of low-Reynolds plane Couette flow,// Submitted to JFM [[http://​​~gibson/​publications/​HalcrowARX08b.pdf|PDF]] 
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-   * J. Wang, J.F. Gibson, and F. Waleffe //Lower branch coherent states: transition and control// Phys. Rev. Lett. (2007) 98, 20 [[http://​​~gibson/​publications/​WangPRL07.pdf|PDF]] 
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