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averaging & profiles

hansjoerg seybold, 2010-05-05 07:38


I am back working with channelflow and i have some questions about how measurements can be done. What i want to do is to average velocities and higher moments in certain planes, e.g. the average u(y) profile or the average Reynolds stress. I saw that there are member functions u.profile and u.mean, which probably can be used, but i am not sure how to use them correctly and i could not find an entry in the doc.

  • u.mean(): calculates the mean velocity of the whole system averaging in x,y,z direction. Is the base flow included?
  • If the baseflow is not included can i just add it by creating a new field u1 dns.Ubase().
  • How do i extract the baseflow from a simulation initialized with PlaneCouette or Parabola instead of a given profile
  • u.profile(mx,my,i): what this function calculates exactly?
  • a brute force method would be to iterate over the box and make the calculations for each evaluation timestep, but it would be nice to use the already predefined functions available.

Thanks a lot

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