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 ====== Clearfloat test ====== ====== Clearfloat test ======
-{{:​escrates.png?​248|}} +{{:​escrates.png?​248 |}} 
-The escape rate $\gammaof the repeller+ 
 +The escape rate <​latex>​\gamma</​latex> ​of the repeller
 plotted as function of number of partition intervals $N$, plotted as function of number of partition intervals $N$,
 estimated using: estimated using:
 (<​latex>​\color{blue}\blacklozenge</​latex>​) under-resolved 4-interval and (<​latex>​\color{blue}\blacklozenge</​latex>​) under-resolved 4-interval and
 the  7-interval `optimal partition',​ the  7-interval `optimal partition',​
-({\Large ​$\color{red}\bullet$}) all periodic orbits of periods +(<​latex>​{\Large \color{red}\bullet}</​latex>​) all periodic orbits of periods 
-up to $n=8in the deterministic,​ binary symbolic dynamics, +up to <​latex>​n=8</​latex> ​in the deterministic,​ binary symbolic dynamics, 
-with $N_i=2^nperiodic-point intervals (the deterministic,​+with <​latex>​N_i=2^n</​latex> ​periodic-point intervals (the deterministic,​
 noiseless escape rate is <​latex>​\gamma_{det} = 0.7011</​latex>​),​ and noiseless escape rate is <​latex>​\gamma_{det} = 0.7011</​latex>​),​ and
-({\scriptsize ​$\blacksquare$}) a uniform discretization +(<​latex>​{\scriptsize \blacksquare}</​latex>​) a uniform discretization 
-in $N=16,​\cdots,​ 256intervals. For $N=512$ +in <​latex>​N=16,​\cdots,​ 256</​latex> ​intervals. For <​latex>​N=512</​latex>​ 
-discretization yields ​$\gamma_{num} = 0.73335(4)$.+discretization yields ​<​latex>​\gamma_{num} = 0.73335(4)</​latex>​. 
-~~CL~~+ ~~CL~~
 this is supposed not to float... this is supposed not to float...
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