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 +**2011-07-18** The channelflow dokuwiki website was recently hacked and defaced with advertising. I've rebuilt it with tighter security measures, specifically registration by request only and tighter editing permissions. I also removed some questionable registrations. If you find yourself unable to log in, please contact me: ''​johnfgibson''​ at ''​''​.
 +**2011-07-06** The current SVN channelflow distribution now builds with Cmake. On linux build with
 +  cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$(pwd) .
 +  make
 +  make install
 +  make test
 +  ​
 +**2011-07-06** Upgraded website to dokuwiki-2011-05-25a. Please let me know if you encounter any troubles with the channelflow website.
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