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<- [[:installation]] ====== Segmentation fault while running SOME test cases ====== //Piyush Grover, 2011-06-22 12:16 // ~~DISCUSSION~~ I have installed the latest version of ChannelFlow on my account on a intel linux cluster, running Centos 5.2 with 2.6 kernel. I had to play around with FFTW-3.2.2 library a bit (i.e. use -fPIC flag while building FFTW) before I could (semi)-successfully build ChannelFlow. I haven't downloaded/installed Octave yet. So I ran the ./configure command and then did a make. The runs for a while, and then exits with an error message saying "No rule to make target `dnsLaminarTest.o', needed by `dnsLaminarTest'. Stop. " After that I go to the test directory and try to run the test files. I am successfully able to run the following (i.e. they all exit with "pass" at the end) : Helmholtztest dnsSinusiodtest poissontest While the following exit with segmentation fault: pressuretest dnsParabolatest dnsOrrsommtest Is there something I missed in the installation step ? Or any other insight for this problem ? Thanks, Piyush

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