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-====== Channelflow installation forum====== 
-This forum is meant for discussing questions about channelflow installation. ​ 
-**Please read/search the [[docs:​install|channelflow Installation guide]] and the previous installation forum Q&​A'​s before posting a new question.** 
-**When reporting a problem with installation,​ please always include the following information** 
-   * The **operating system**, e.g. OpenSUSE 11.1 or Mac OS X 10.5 
-   * The **compiler**,​ e.g. gcc-4.3.1 
-   * The **channelflow version**, e.g. channelflow-1.3.3 
-   * The **exact text of the command** you tried and the resultant **error messages**, ​ e.g. "make install"​ and ... 
-To open a new topic on the list, 
-  - Make sure you are [[http://​​dokuwiki/​doku.php/​start?​do=register|registered]] and [[http://​​dokuwiki/​doku.php/​start?​do=login|logged in]]. Otherwise you won't see the "New thread"​ button. 
-  - Enter a brief subject line in the "New thread"​ window and click the "​Create this page" button. 
-  - Write up the programming issue between the line with your name and the DISCUSSION tag.  
-  - Preview and save the new page. 
-You can use standard [[wiki:​syntax|dokuwiki syntax]], for example, surrounding code snippets with %%<code c++> </​code>​%%. 
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