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 +<- [[gtspring2009:​spieker_blog]]
 +===== Itano visualization of pCf solutions =====
 +** 09/08/09 Predrag** - on the most beautiful open project: ​ Talked to [[gtspring2009:​gibson:​eq8|Itano]] about plotting our solutions in their beautiful way. He said he cannot do it, has 15 min/week for research, but that it will take us 3 days to learn how to do it ourselves. It is done with IBM's [[http://​​|]]. He also introduced himself as the subset of my own name. If I were only so lucky.
 +** 07/08/09 ** [[:​gtspring2009:​gibson:​eq8|Generalis and  Itano]] correspondence with Halcrow and Gibson; Predrag'​s notes. ​
 +** 09/08/09 ** I would like to try to work on the [[http://​​library/​ItGe09.pdf|Itano visualization]] along with some of the other less-hands-on,​ more-computationally-demanding things I am trying to work on. 
 +** 09/10/09 ** As far as the Itano visualization goes, I requested the binaries for OpenDX this morning and have yet to receive an email with them as of now.  I believe they will come soon.  My plan is to try and tackle that project next week by focusing exclusively on it.  ​
 +** 09/15/09 ** I have decided to hold off on the Itano visualization or to work on it peripherally,​ because I feel that finding equilibria and periodic orbits on other isotropy groups might be more important. --- //​[[|Dustin Spieker]]//
 +** 09/16/09 Predrag:** OK for now.
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