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:-) Got channelflow running on my linux machine. (1/25/2009)

:-) Ran through most of the commands in John Gibson's first tutorial and troubleshot the commands provided. (1/25/2009)

:-) Learned and implemented some of the rougher points of using this Wiki. (1/25/2009)

Upper branch equilibrium, perturbed

Upper Branch Equilibrium evolution perturbed along eigenfunction 1.

(If Flash is installed, you can watch a video inside this web page.)

Upper Branch Equilibrium evolution perturbed in opposite direction.

(If Flash is installed, you can watch a video inside this web page.)

Predrag to Dustin:

  • Had the same problem with youtube - really kills the resolution (and John G would prefer Zappa). seems kinder to the videos, see Siminos blog. 8-)I don't think I'll use either website as a host anymore since John showed us how to host these on our blogs. — Dustin Spieker 2009-02-05 06:07
  • please can you crop it so it does not have all this area in the edges, as in How to format a movie? I need tightly cropped movies for ChaosBook/tutorials pop-ups. Also, gray background is ugly - can you make it white?

8-) I'll work on both of these things. I'm sure it just has to do with changing a little something in matlab, and I'll look into it. — Dustin Spieker 2009-02-05 06:07

:-) Generated some state space trajectory plots and input dissipation plots using the tutorial John created on how to do so. I will post some of them after I've tinkered a little bit. — Dustin Spieker 2009-02-15 13:39

:-) Was able to post videos to my blog, obviously. — Dustin Spieker 2009-02-20 16:26

:-) Compiled channelflow1.3.4 and it worked like a charm. — Dustin Spieker 2009-02-27 06:40

:-) It is worth noting that on my computer, it takes about 36 minutes to integrate a flow field 400 time steps, or about 6 seconds per time step. Important to remember when budgeting time for script files. Accordingly, I just sent about 10 GB of flow fields to be calculated for my Poincare Section, which should keep my computer busy until tomorrow. — Dustin Spieker 2009-03-09 15:00


(In approximate order of importance)

:-| Poincare sections, 'nuff said. — Dustin Spieker 2009-02-20 16:26

:-| Port Channelflow to Mac so that I can run it on my laptop and provide a procedure for doing so. (1/25/2009) 8-o Mac OS X is BSD Unix underneath. So channelflow installs on a Mac same as Linux if the prerequisite packages are installed. You can either install these packages with Fink or download the tar.gz files and compile them yourself. Fink should be much easier. Lina Kim at UC Santa Barbara M&AE uses channelflow on a Mac and has sent me some notes that I need to convert to documentation…. John Gibson 2009-02-04 10:17

:-| Learn, Port, and Document the commands John Gibson provided for Matlab to Octave to help get everything running on free shareware. (1/25/2009) 8-o That would be great. I don't think Octave graphics are up to the task, though. My guess is that integration with a Python plotting system is the best route to running on all free software. One possibility is Lawrence Livermore Lab's VisIt system. John Gibson 2009-02-04 10:07

:-| Work on my formatting for this page. (1/25/2009)


that arise from a fundamental lack of understanding:

:?: In the tutorial we went through on 1/20/2008, we only generated one eigenfunction for time considerations. When I ran it on my own, I let the calculation run longer and it generated about 30 eigenfunctions before I wanted to move on. How many of these eigenfunctions are worth generating for a particular solution and why? (1/25/2009)

:!: see blog for the answer. Time to read Local stability and Cycle stability. Please enter comments/edits/questions into the appropriate chapter of the blog. — Predrag Cvitanovic 2009-01-28 05:22

:?: Hey John, I see you've posted a tutorial for Poincare sections. If you have some or all of the code written, I'd like to see it if I might, so that I can start running it and seeing what it yields. — Dustin Spieker 2009-02-25 15:16

:!: Posted new channelflow-1.3.4.tgz tarball with continuation and Poincare section utilities. John Gibson 2009-02-26 12:09 EST

:-) Hey John G., I've been going through the poincare section procedure, and I have hit a dead end. I was wondering if you would be in Atlanta tomorrow to give me a quick hand with the compilation of eq2poincare.cpp? — Dustin Spieker 2009-03-23 14:57

Dustin: this is my fault. I had to modify some channelflow libraries and have not yet posted the new code as a tarball. I will do that by tomorrow a.m. at latest. It is available in svn right now. I won't be in Atlanta tomorrow nor next week, but I hope to get a ticket for week after next. John Gibson 2009-03-23 21:11 EST

:-) I posted a list of field properties of the W03 solutions in my blog. As you might notice, dissipation and L2 norm are the only properties I am listing so far. Those are the two I am checking candidates for new solutions against. I think the table should not only be added to, but also put in a more resourceful location. I am up for suggestions. — Dustin Spieker 2009-07-06 15:00

:?: to John G: I was wondering if you could put up an example script that you would qsub to the cluster. I got channelflow to compile on in my home directory on pacemaker, and all that is left for me to do is exploit the raw computing power. There is also a small error (that I've found) in the continuesoln code that needs to be adjusted. continuesoln, for equilibria, generates T.asc files. If you want to read in solutions that already exist, however, continuesoln wants to read in Tbest.asc. In the next distribution, that would be worth correcting. —Dustin Spieker 2009-06-17 12:00

See the PACE howto. Thanks for the tip on the continuesoln bug. I'm back from Minnesota but will not be on skype until I get a new sound card. Will try to do that this afternoon. John Gibson 2009-06-29 10:09 EST


Checked out Dustin's permission problems on the wiki. Dustin, you had two logins name registered, spieker and dspieker. Should probably choose one of them and remove the other. Discovered some robot registrations along the way, will probably have to enable captchas in the registration process. — John Gibson 2009-02-04 12:12

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