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Channelflow installfest, Tuesday 2009-01-27

Since neither Predrag nor John G. will be in town this Tuesday, we will use the study group meeting time for a channelflow installfest. Please bring your laptop to the study group meeting, if you have one, and install channelflow according to the Installation guide. If you've already done this, please show up anyway to help those who haven't. If this is not enough fun for you, you can continue by working through some example calculations from the Channelflow Tutorial. For next week, we'll have an assignment involving a calculation with channelflow.

The installation instructions for Windows and Mac OS X are incomplete. 100% incomplete, even. Windows requires installation of the Cygwin Unix-like environment. Mac OS X has some of this functionality already installed by default (since Mac OS X is built on top of BSD Unix), but most likely the development tools (gcc, make, etc) are not installed.

It would be good if people took notes during installation and revised the channelflow Install instructions according to their findings.

If someone has skype running on their laptop I will skype in during the study group meeting. My skype ID is johnfgibson.

John Gibson 2009-01-26 15:50

Assignment for 2009-02-03

Make a movie or a plot of a state-space-trajectory and post it in your blog.

Follow the instructions from lasts week's tutorial to make a movie of the unstable manifold of the Nagata lower branch equilibrium. You'll need Matlab to use the movie scripts provided with channelflow. If you don't have Matlab, you can

  • plot a state-space trajectory instead of a movie,
  • use Matlab on a machine owned by Georgia Tech,
  • figure out how to use Matlab on your computer using a Georgia Tech installation,
  • buy a student version from the bookstore for about $100 (worth the money), or
  • write movie-making scripts for an open-source visualization system (would be wonderful, esp. with python)

To post the plot or movie in a blog, go to the ǖber-mega Blog of Blogs page, start a blog page for yourself, and place your movie/image there using dokuwiki syntax. When uploading images and movies, please be careful to upload them into your blog directory rather than the channeflow root directory by selecting your blog on the left-hand-side of the upload dialog screen.

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