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-====== Channelflow installfest,​ Tuesday 2009-01-27 ====== 
-Since neither Predrag nor John G. will be in town this Tuesday, we will use the study group meeting time for a 
-channelflow installfest. Please bring your laptop to the study group meeting, if you have one, and install channelflow according to the [[docs:​install|Installation guide]]. If you've already done this, please show up anyway to help those who haven'​t. If this is not enough fun for you, you can continue by working through some example calculations from the [[docs:​tutorial|Channelflow Tutorial]]. For next week, we'll have an assignment involving a calculation with channelflow. 
-The installation instructions for Windows and Mac OS X are incomplete. 100% incomplete, even. Windows requires installation of the [[http://​|Cygwin]] Unix-like environment. Mac OS X has some of this functionality already installed by default (since Mac OS X is built on top of BSD Unix), but most likely the development tools (gcc, make, etc) are not installed. ​ 
-It would be good if people took notes during installation and revised the channelflow Install instructions according to their findings. 
-If someone has skype running on their laptop I will skype in during the study group meeting. My skype ID is johnfgibson. 
-//John Gibson 2009-01-26 15:50// 
-===== Assignment for 2009-02-03===== 
-Make a movie or a plot of a state-space-trajectory and post it in your blog. 
-Follow the instructions from [[gtspring2009:​schedule:​tutorial|lasts week's tutorial]] to make a movie of the unstable manifold of the Nagata lower branch equilibrium. You'll need Matlab to use the movie scripts provided with channelflow. If you don't have Matlab, you can  
-   * plot a state-space trajectory instead of a movie, 
-   * use Matlab on a machine owned by Georgia Tech, 
-   * figure out how to use Matlab on your computer using a Georgia Tech installation,​ 
-   * buy a student version from the bookstore for about $100 (worth the money), or 
-   * write movie-making scripts for an open-source visualization system (would be wonderful, esp. with python) 
-To post the plot or movie in a blog, go to the ǖber-mega [[gtspring2009:​blogofblogs|Blog of Blogs]] page, start a blog page for yourself, and place your movie/image there using [[syntax|dokuwiki syntax]]. When uploading images and movies, **please be careful to upload them into your blog directory** rather than the channeflow root directory by selecting your blog on the left-hand-side of the upload dialog screen. 
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