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Wet & Wild: Dynamics of Turbulence

Tuesdays at 12:05-1:55PM - Howey W505

date study group guide topic
Jan 6 Predrag Cvitanović Turbulence in wall-bounded shear flows: a tutorial
Jan 13 John Elton Lagrangian turbulence
Jan 20 John Gibson Channelflow: a hands-on tutorial
Jan 27 group effort Channelflow: installfest
Feb 3 John Gibson Computing equilibria, traveling waves, and periodic orbits
Feb 10 Self Organize please pick a topic/lead the discussion
Feb 17 John Gibson Making Predrag's Dream Come True: programming with channelflow
Feb 24 Predrag Cvitanović Read Halcrow et al. on symmetries of plane Couette
Mar 3 Predrag Cvitanović Discuss term projects for everyman
Mar 10 John Gibson TBA
Mar 17 Roman Grigoriev Transient growth: local and global stability
Mar 31 TBA TBA
Apr 14 TBA TBA
Apr 21 TBA TBA
Apr 28 TBA TBA


Jan 20: Moved most of last week's in-class tutorial in to the main channelflow tutorial. John G 2009-01-29 10:54

Feb 24: What I think would be useful:

  1. Present general plane Couette symmetry group
  2. Important isotropy groups of plane couette
    1. some portion of the 67-fold path
    2. the S group containing Nagata-Waleffe etc.
    3. how certain symmetries restrict kinds of solutions (rule out traveling waves)
  3. bifurcations and symmetry
  4. our ardent desire to quotient out the discrete and continuous symmetries

Feb 24: Please read prior to meeting: Halcrow et al. definitive discussion of symmetries of plane Couette (have a look at the version uploaded Feb 23 at 5:17pm). I assume that the study group has mastered ChaosBook Discrete time dynamics, Local stability and Cycle stability under Alex guidance, and I would be happy if you also understood Charting the state space and brought Qualitative dynamics for cyclists to within your comfort zone. — Predrag Cvitanovic 2009-02-23 12:10

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