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Wet & Wild: Dynamics of Turbulence

Tuesdays at 12:05-1:55PM - Howey W505

date study group guide topic
Jan 6 Predrag Cvitanović Turbulence in wall-bounded shear flows: a tutorial
Jan 13 John Elton Lagrangian turbulence
Jan 20 John Gibson Channelflow: a hands-on tutorial
Jan 27 group effort Channelflow: installfest
Feb 3 John Gibson Computing equilibria, traveling waves, and periodic orbits
Feb 10 Self Organize please pick a topic/lead the discussion
Feb 17 John Gibson Making Predrag's Dream Come True: programming with channelflow
Feb 24 Predrag Cvitanović Read Halcrow et al. definitive discussion of symmetries of plane Couette
Mar 3 Predrag Cvitanović Suggest topics you would like to discuss?
Mar 10 John Gibson TBA
Mar 17 Roman Grigoriev Transient growth: local and global stability
Mar 31 TBA TBA
Apr 14 TBA TBA
Apr 21 TBA TBA
Apr 28 TBA TBA
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