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 +====== Dynamics of Turbulence Study Group ======
 +PHYS-8901/​9000,​ Georgia Institute of Technology\\
 +Predrag Cvitanović and John F. Gibson\\
 +Spring semester 2009, Tu 12:05-1:25 in Howey W505\\
 +New connections between turbulence and nonlinear dynamical systems theory have recently been opened by the discovery of exact equilibria, traveling waves, and periodic orbits of the Navier-Stokes equations above the onset of turbulence; for a tour of this recently breached territory see​tutorials. The study group will explore these solutions and chart out the state-space dynamics of turbulence,
 +using the numerical analysis software for plane Couette and Poiseuille flow.
 +The GaTech world domination of the wall-bounded shear flows is assured once this study group'​s enlistees seize the time, get into the trenches and start multishooting.
 +The study group is aimed at PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and advanced undergraduates in physics, mathematics,​ chemistry and engineering.
 +  * [[gtspring2009:​schedule]]
 +  * [[gtspring2009:​participants]]
 +  * [[gtspring2009:​research projects]]
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