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Exam results, Math 527

Exam 1

The class performed very well on this exam, as whole. A media grade of 90% means half the class got A's. Sweet! To be frank, the exam was pretty easy. The material was limited in scope (just three types of equations and three methods), and the problems I chose involved no tricky integrals. The exams will certainly get more difficult as we proceed and the scores will go down. So, if you got a good grade, be glad and stick it in the bank for future withdrawals. If you got a poor grade, take this as an indication that you need to pick up the pace.

Exam 2

As expected grades on exam #2 were significantly lower than on exam #1 and more in line with my usual expectation for a mean around 75% and standard deviation around 15%.

Exam 3

We used a pretty generous grading rubric for this exam. As a result, even though it was harder, the scores are pretty much in line with my expectations of a median of 75% and a deviation of 15%. This actually produced quite a few A's on the exam. Good job! However, there were also quite a few more very low scores (less than 50%) than typical. To adjust for this, we lowered the bottom ends for C and D by quite a bit, compared to the range specified on the policies. We also reviewed a number of exams with scores ranging from 40% to 80% and confirmed that the resultant letter grade appropriately reflected the quality of the work.

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