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Math 527: Differential Equations with Linear Algebra

sections office hours location
John Gibson M 3:30-4:30pm, W 2:30-3:30pm N309E Kingsbury Hall
Elizabeth Wu 1-3 T 9-10am, W 9-10am N318 Kingsbury Hall
Kyle Gray 4-6 M 10-11am, T 9-10am W351 Kingsbury Hall
Mimi Szeto 7-9 M 10-11am & 2-3pm, F 2-3pm N210 Kingsbury Hall

Lecture: Spaulding 120, MWF 1:10-2:00pm

Suggested texts.

Syllabus: lecture topics by date, homework due dates, exam dates

Policies: on homework, exams, total grade calculations, etc.

Advice: some thoughts on getting good grades and making the most of your education.


  • 04/10/2015: No homework assigned for Tuesday April 14th. Rather than assigning new homework based on recent material I thought it best to give you time to review power series and Laplace transforms methods as a whole, in preparation for exam 3. Practice problems will be posted shortly.
  • 02/​09/​2015:​ Exam #1 will take place as scheduled on Wed. 02/​11/​2015. Please see the Exams section below for exam room assignments and other important information.
  • 01/26/2015 IMPENDING BLIZZARD: It is likely that classes will be canceled tomorrow due to snow. In that case, homework will be due in recitation sections Thursday 01/29/2015.
  • 01/21/2015: Add/drop forms for this course, including changes in recitation sections, are approved and signed by the Math Dept office, W383 Kingsbury Hall. The instructor and TAs cannot sign these forms.
  • 01/20/2015: You are responsible for reading and understanding the course policies and syllabus.


Homework policies. Homeworks are due in recitations on Tuesdays, with the exception of HW11 and HW12, which are due on Thursdays.

homework due solutions topic notes
HW1 Tue 01/27 hw1solns.pdf separation of variables some solutions are implicit
HW2 Tue 02/03 hw2solns.pdf 1st order linear
HW3 Tue 02/10 hw3solns.pdf exact equations
HW4 Tue 02/17 hw4solns.pdf applications of 1st order ODEs
HW5 Tue 02/24 hw5solns.pdf 2nd order linear homogeneous
HW6 Tue 03/03 hw6solns.pdf nonhomogeneous equations: judicious guessing
HW7 Tue 03/10 hw7solns.pdfaddendum variation of parameters For problem 4, don't solve the initial value problem. Just find the general solution. Use tables of integrals!
HW8 Tue 03/31 hw8solns.pdf power series, Laplace transforms
HW9 Tue 04/07 hw9solns.pdf Laplace transforms, s & t translation
Tue 04/14 canceling this HW, instead here are some practice problems for exam #3 from last year's HW. You can find solutions here and here
HW10 Thu 04/23 hw10solns.pdfhw10addendum.pdf linear algebra don't turn in problems 7-11 – most of these will be incorporated into HW11
HW11 Thu 04/30 hw11solns.pdf systems of ODEs fixed typo in problem 1; for complex eigenvalues, express answer in both complex and real-valued forms


Exam policies.

The final exam is Tuesday, May 12 10:30-12:30pm. The exam will be split into three rooms:

  • last name A-Ri: Spaulding 120
  • last name Ro-Z: Spaulding G70
  • DSS accommodations: Kingsbury N133

In Spaulding 120, please sit in alternating seats inwards starting from the middle aisle. In Spaulding G70, please follow the teaching assistant's instructions for double-spaced seating.

exam date topic sample exam results solutions notes
#1 Wed 2/11 1st order eqns sample exam and solutions results exam1 solutions There is a typo in Problem 3. Here is the correct solution. prob3soln. Further practice problems exam1practice.pdf
#2 Wed 3/11 2nd & higher order eqns sample exam and solutions results exam2 solutions Here are more practice problems, not sure if they are too hard or too easy compared to exam. exam2_moreprobs.pdf
#3 Wed 4/15 Laplace transforms, power series sample exam and solutions. results exam3 solutions More practice problems. These problems are from last year's HWs; you can find solutions here and here.
final Tue 5/12 10:30-12:30pm outline of topics sample exam and solutions More review problems with solutions
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