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Math 527: Differential Equations with Linear Algebra


Lecture: Spaulding 120, MWF 1:10-2:00pm
Instructor: John F. Gibson. Office hours MW 3-4pm, N309E Kingsbury Hall
Teaching assistants:

  • Tim Fill (sections 1-3). Office hours TTh 9:30-11am, Kingsbury N309D
  • Ian Maxwell (sections 4-6). Office hours TTh 2-3:30pm, Kingsbury N309D

Suggested text: Zill, A First Course in Differential Equations with Modeling Applications, 10th edition. Other options.

Syllabus: lecture topics by date, homework due dates, exam dates

Policies: on homework, exams, total grade calculations, etc.


Homework policies

homework due solutions topic notes
HW0 HW0 sol'n calculus review problems will not be graded
HW1 W 1/30 HW1 sol'n separable & 1st order linear eqns
HW2 W 2/06 HW2 sol'n exact eqns & substitutions
HW3 F 2/15 HW3 sol'n applications of 1st order eqns REVISED specified ambient temp and initial velocities
HW4 F 2/22 HW4 sol'n 2nd order const coeff homogeneous NOTE Skip problem 9. We'll cover that later.
HW5 M 3/04 HW5 sol'n Judicious guessing and variation of parameters NOTE Revised due date. Prob 6 revised, new hints on 4 and 7.
HW6 M 3/25 HW6 sol'n Laplace transforms
HW7 M 4/01 HW7 sol'n Laplace transforms: s & t translation
HW8 M 4/08 HW8 sol'n Laplace transforms
HW9 M 4/22 HW9 sol'n series solutions
HW10 M 5/6 HW10 sol'n systems of differential eqns


Exam policies

The final exam 8:00-10:00am Thursday May 16th. Room assignments by last name are

  • A-Q Spaulding 120
  • Q-Sv Spaulding G16
  • Sw-Z Spaulding 230

Sample exams illustrate what an exam might be like, in terms of the number of problems and the level of difficulty. But the problems on the actual exam might be quite different in type.

exam date solutions results topic sample exam
exam 1 2/11 Exam 1 sol'n exam1 results first-order eqns Sample exam, Sample exam sol'n
exam 2 3/06 Exam 2 sol'n exam2 results second & higher-order eqns Sample exam, Sample exam answers, Sample exam sol'n
exam 3 4/10 Exam 3 sol'n exam3 results Laplace transforms Sample exam, Sample exam sol'n
final 5/16 8-10am everything Sample final exam, Sample final answers

Supplemental material

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