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Math 527: Differential Equations with Linear Algebra

sections office hours location
John Gibson M 2:30-3:30, W 1:10-2, F 9:10-10 N309E Kingsbury Hall
Mimi Szeto 1-3 M 9:10-10:10 & 1-2, Th 3-4 N210 Kingsbury Hall
Laszlo Kindrat 4-6 M 3:10-5:00, W 1:30-3:00 N316 Kingsbury Hall
David Miller 7-9 M/W 12:45-1:45, T 2:15-3:15, R 9:45-10:45 N316 Kingsbury Hall
π μ ε M 7:00-8:00pm, Tu 6:00-7:00pm 3rd floor Kingsbury, West Wing lounge

Lecture: Horton 4, MWF 8:10-9:00am

Suggested texts.

Schedule: lecture topics by date, homework due dates, exam dates.

Policies: on homework, exams, total grade calculations, etc.

Advice: some thoughts on getting good grades and making the most of your education.


10/14/2015: We won't have time to do power series before exam 2, so I've taken off the schedule for now and will figure out where to slip it in later.


Homework policies. Homeworks are due in recitations.

HW due solutions topic notes
HW1 Tue 09/08 hw1solns.pdf separable, 1st order linear
HW2 Tue 09/15 hw2solns.pdf exact eqns
HW3 Tue 09/22 hw3solns.pdf classification, substitutions, soln regions HW3hints
HW4 Thu 10/01 hw4solns.pdf applications of 1st order eqns
HW5 Thu 10/08 hw5solns.pdf homogeneous equations
HW6 Thu 10/15 hw6solns.pdf judicious guessing
HW ungraded p1-4.pdf, p5 variation of parameters
HW7 Thu 10/29 hw7solns.pdf power series
HW8 Thu 11/05 hw8solns.pdf Laplace transforms
HW ungraded solutions Heaviside and delta functions
HW9 Tue 12/01 hw9solutions.pdf matrices and vectors
HW10 Tue 12/08 hw10solns.pdf systems of ODEs
HW ungraded solutions phase space portraits


Exam policies. Exams take place in scheduled lecture time in Horton 4.

exam date topic sample exam solutions notes results
exam 1 Wed 09/23 1st order equations sample exam1 solutions practice problems exam 1 results
exam 2 Wed 10/21 higher-order equations sample exam2 solutions practice problems exam 2 results
exam 3 Fri 11/13 Laplace transforms sample exam3 solutions cheat sheet rules exam 3 results
final Wed 12/16 about the final sample exam (ignore #4) solutions review problems final exam results

The final exam is Wed 12/16 8:00am-10:0am in Horton 4.

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