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Math 445 Course Outline

This is a rough outline of course topics and when they will be covered.


Tue 09/02: expressions, variables, assignment, types, relations, help
Thu 09/04: built-in functions, scripts

matlab concepts:

= + - * / \ ^ ; , == ~= <= >= 
pi, inf, NaN, i, j 
||, &&, ~, xor
class, help, scientific notation, precedence
sin, cos, tan, exp, log, abs, sqrt, etc. 
format, who, whos, clear 
fix, round, floor, ceil
rand, randn

homework 1, lab 1: matlab basics

Vectors & Matrices

Tue 09/09 arrays, vectors, and indexing
Thu 09/11 mathematics of linear algebra, matrices
Tue 09/16 linear algebra in matlab
Thu 09/18 i/o, zeros, sparse matrices

matlab concepts:

matrices, row and column vectors
element access and assignment
indices, colon syntax, sub-indexing
load, save, zeros, rand, randn
logical arrays
matrix factorizations, eigenvalues

homework 2, lab 2: linear algebra and arrays


Tue 09/23 1d plots
Thu 09/25 mathematics: log-linear relations
Tue 09/30 2d plots

matlab concepts:

linspace, linestyles, plot, semilogy, semilogx, loglog
pcolor, contour, contourf, surf, surfc, 
axis, axis square, axis equal, xticks, yticks, xlabel, ylabel, title
some basic string stuff

homework 3, lab 3: plotting and data analysis


Thu 10/02 in lecture
topics: basics, vectors & matrices, plotting


Tue 10/07 functions,
Thu 10/09 if statements

lab 4: interest rates

Tue 10/14 for and while loops
Thu 10/16 nesting, timing

lab 5: factorial function, loan calculator

Tue 10/21 anonymous functions, function handles
Thu 10/23 solving nonlinear equations in one variable

lab 6: solving nonlinear equations

matlab concepts:

functions, arguments, return values
if, else, elseif, switch, is
for, while
fprintf, tic, toc
anonymous functions, function handles
fzero, fsolve

Application: solving nonlinear equations with Newton's method

Tue 10/21 mathematics
Thu 10/23 implementation in matlab
Tue 10/28

lab 7: Newton search

Exam 2

Thu 10/30 in lecture
topic: programming

Application: Monte Carlo methods

Tue 11/04
Thu 11/06

lab 8: monte carlo

Application: Google page rank

Tue 11/04 mathematics
Thu 11/06 implementation in matlab
Thu 11/13

lab 9: google page rank

Application: game of life

Tue 11/18
Thu 11/20
Tue 11/25

lab 10: game of life

Application: projectile motion

Tue 12/02 mathematics: equations of motion
Thu 12/04 solving differential equations in matlab
Tue 12/09

lab 11: projectile motion

Application: TBD

Thu 12/11
Tue 12/16
Thu 12/18

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