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-% quiver plot 
-% used to show vector fields 
-load y.asc 
-load x.asc 
-load vx.asc 
-load vy.asc 
-quiver(x,​y,​vx,​vy); ​ 
-axis equal 
-axis tight 
-xlabel('​x'​);​ ylabel('​y'​);​ 
-title('​vector field vx,vy over plane x,y') 
-% subplots 
-% make an array of plots within a figure window 
-subplot(2,​2,​1) % 1st subplot in 2 x 2 array 
-axis equal 
-axis tight 
-subplot(2,​2,​2) % 2nd subplot in 2 x 2 array 
-surfc(X,​Y,​Z,​C);​ axis equal 
-subplot(2,​2,​3) % 2nd subplot in 2 x 2 array 
-surf(X,​Y,​Z,​Z);​ axis equal 
-subplot(2,​2,​4) % 4th 
-x = linspace(0,​pi,​20);​ 
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