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MATH 445: Mathematics and Applications with Matlab

Instructor: John Gibson. Office hours: Tue 2-3pm, Thu 12-1pm, Kingsbury N309E, or after class
Teaching Assistant: Mimi Szeto. Office hours: Tue 4-5pm, Wed 1-2pm Kingsbury N210 By appointment (

Prerequisite: Math 418 or equivalent.

Required Text: Matlab: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving, S. Attaway, any edition.

Additional References: Numerical Computing with Matlab, C. Moler; and Experiments with Matlab, C. Moler.

Download Matlab: UNH academic software (note: requires network license via UNH VPN)

Policies on grades, homeworks, labs, exams, etc.

Example of what to turn in for a lab question

Lecture notes

Readings are chapters or sections in the Attaway textbook

lecture topic reading
08/27 basics diary, outline 1.1-4
08/29 formulae, random numbers, boolean expressions diary 1.5-6
09/02 linear algebra diary 2.1-4
09/04 vectors, matrices, and indexing diary
09/10 control flow, functions diary, functions 3
09/12 control flow, functions diary, functions 3
09/17 vector comparisons and logical ops diary
10/03 contour plots example code
10/15 fprintf diary & codes
12/03 differential equations diary


lab due date topic
lab1 Tue 09/03 in lab basic matlab
lab2 Tue 09/10 in lab linear algebra
lab3 Tue 09/17 in lab interest rates
lab4 Tue 09/24 in lab loan calculator
lab5 Tue 10/08 in lab Newton search
lab6 Thu 10/17 in lab Google page rank
lab7 Tue 11/05 in lab Monte Carlo simulation
lab8 Tue 11/12 end of lab log-linear relationships
lab9 Tue 11/19 in lab 3d graphics
lab10 Tue 11/26 in lecture game of life
lab11 Tue 12/10 at final exam projectile motion


homework solutions due date topic hints
hw1 Thu 09/12 in lab basic matlab & linear algebra hw1-hints
hw2 Thu 09/26 in lab write a bubble-sort function
hw3 hw3solns Tue 10/22 in lab matlab fundamentals for exam prep
hw4 Thu 11/14 in lab 2nd chance exam prep
hw5 Thu 11/21 in lab 2nd chance exam prep


Mid-term exam, Oct 24

Preparation materials

Solutions and a histogram of scores:

Second-chance exam, Nov 26

As discussed in lecture on 11/4, we will have another mid-term exam on 11/26, to provide an opportunity for those who did poorly on the midterm to improve their scores. The better of your two exam grades will count towards your total course grade. The exam will cover all lecture and lab material up to 11/26.

Final exam, Dec 10

The final exam will be held Tuesday, Dec 10 8-10am in Demeritt 240.

Here is a practice final with solutions.

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