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MATH 445: Mathematics and Applications with Matlab

Instructor: John Gibson
Office hours: Tue 2-3pm, Thu 12-1pm, Kingsbury N309E

Prerequisite: Math 418 or equivalent.

Required Text: Matlab: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving, S. Attaway

Additional References: Numerical Computing with Matlab, C. Moler; and Experiments with Matlab, C. Moler.

Policies on grades, homeworks, labs, exams, etc.

lab due date contents
lab1 Thu 9/06 in lab basic matlab
lab2 Thu 9/13 in lab algebra, truss
lab3 Thu 9/20 in lab sorting, interest
lab4 Thu 9/27 in lab loan calculator
lab5 Thu 10/11 in lab probability
lab6 Thu 10/18 in lab google page rank
lab7 Thu 11/01 in lab game of life
lab8 Tue 11/06 in lab presidential election
lab9 Thu 11/15 in lab log-linear relations
lab10 Tue 11/20 in lab 2d, 3d graphics
lab11 Thu 11/29 in lab differential equations: van der Pol
lab12 Thu 12/06 in lab differential equations: Projectile motion
practice exams solutions due date
hw1 hw1-solns Tue 10/02 in lab
practice final solutions

Examples of what to turn in for lab questions

happy computing!

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