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Math 527 Course Policies


You are expected to attend lecture. What you are responsible for understanding is defined by what is covered in lecture.

You are expected to pay attention and not talk during lecture, both for your own comprehension and as a matter of politeness. If you have a small incidental question about the lecture that you must ask your neighbor, please whisper. But also feel free to raise your hand and ask the question out loud.

Do not use cell phones, laptops, or other electronic devices during lecture. You can check the time on the lecture hall's clock.

Recitation section

On Tuesdays, the teaching assistants will present example problems and answer questions to the class at large.

Thursday sections will be open-door “assisted study halls”. Come in to work on the homeworks or study for the exams. The teaching assistants will circulate and answer questions for individuals or in small groups.


Homeworks are due in lecture on Fridays.

You are allowed and even encouraged to work together on homeworks, but what you turn in must be your own work.

Homeworks are graded on a scale of 1 to 10. Not every problem will be graded, just a representative sample.

Your homework must list in the upper-right corner of the front sheet

  • your name
  • your section #
  • the homework #
  • Math 527

Additionally, your homework must be

  • written on loose-leaf paper, not ripped from a spiral notebok
  • stapled together, if there are multiple pages

One point will be deducted for each infraction.

Homeworks that are difficult to read or follow may be returned ungraded.


Exams will take place in lecture time on Fridays. Make-up exams will be given under only for extraordinary circumstances, such as a serious injury, or for University-excused absences, such as scheduled UNH athletic competitions. Official documentation and one week's advance notice (in the case of scheduled events) are required.

Write your full name and section number on the exam, legibly. You will lose 5% on your exam score if we cannot read your name or your section number is wrong or missing.


Your final grade will be computed as follows

 20% homework
 60% four exams (15% each)
 20% final exam
100% cumulative grade

Conversion to letter grade will be no worse than (with +/-'s near borders)

90-100% A
75-90%  B
60-75%  C
45-60%  D
0-45%   F

Depending my assessment of the difficulty of the exams (based on the performance of the class and other factors), the lower bound or each grade might shift downward by 5% or so.


Please think twice before writing an email to the instructor or your teaching assistant. With 150 students in the class, answering incidental questions by email can quickly become a full-time job! Most questions about the course policy and logistics are answered on the course website. Questions about course material should be addressed in lecture, recitation, or office hours. If there is something you need to discuss, come to office hours. For genuine emergencies, our emails are, … Please put “math 527” in the subject and include your full name. If you do not receive an answer within a few days, reread this paragraph before you resend!

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