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 +<- [[:​chaosbook]]
 +====== Chapter: Semiclassical quantization ======
 +( blog, chapter [[http://​​paper.shtml#​tracesemicl|Semiclassical quantization]]) ​ --- //​[[|Predrag Cvitanovic]] 2011-02-06//​
 +===== Remarks =====
 +**2011-02-06 PC** [[http://​​abs/​1102.0895|Trace formula for a dielectric microdisk with a point scatterer]]
 +by R.F.M. Hales, Martin Sieber and Holger Waalkens looks interesting. They say
 +"​Two-dimensional dielectric microcavities are of widespread use in microoptics
 +applications. Recently, a trace formula has been established for dielectric
 +cavities which relates their resonance spectrum to the periodic rays inside the
 +cavity. In the present paper we extend this trace formula to a dielectric disk
 +with a small scatterer. This system has been introduced for microlaser
 +applications,​ because it has long-lived resonances with strongly directional
 +far field. We show that its resonance spectrum contains signatures not only of
 +periodic rays, but also of diffractive rays that occur in Keller'​s geometrical
 +theory of diffraction. We compare our results with those for a closed cavity
 +with Dirichlet boundary conditions."​
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