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 [[literature|click here]] [[literature|click here]]
-**2011-07-05 Predrag** [[http://​​abs/​1107.0580|​1107.0580]],​ "​Turbulent transition in a truncated one-dimensional model for shear flow" by J.H.P. Dawes and W.J. Giles merits a closer look. 
-**2010-06-10 Predrag** Run into a bunch of papers by  Magnitskii about "​Feigenbaum-Sharkovskii-Magnitskii scenario of transition to turbulence in 
-the Rayleigh-Benard convection."​ Feigenbaum and Sharkovskii can sleep restfully (it is about sequences of bifurcations from the laminar attractor into tori and such, with increasing Rayleigh and Prandtl numbers) but visualizations onto {{:​chaosbook:​uvw.gif|}} like this one 
-might be useful to us. Of course, they do not explain the flow that generated this plot; presumably they have fixed a point in //(x,y,z)// and then trace //​(U,​V,​W)(x,​y,​z;​t)//​ as a function of time. Fixing //U=0// also enables them to visualize a section across this torus. I put one of the articles, N.M. Evstigneev, N.A. Magnitskii and S.V. Sidorov, "​Nonlinear dynamics of laminar-turbulent transition in three dimensional Rayleigh-Benard convection",​ //​Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation//​ **15**, 1007-5704 (2010), into [[https://​​groups/​cns/​items/​collection/​1931456|https://​​groups/​cns library]]. 
-**2009-11-25 Humbledt Plumber to Benny Lautrup:** methinks, 
-"Pipes and planes"​ glides down your tongue like poetry 
-"​Plates and pipes" ​ (chapter title in Lautrup'​s book) is strictly engineering - no physicists thinks of a "​plate";​ infinite in all directions is called a "​plane"​. 
-**2009-07-27 Balu /​BALASUBRAMANYA Nadiga/​** ​ 
-Your comments/​suggestions on [[http://​​library/​NaLu01.pdf|Global Bifurcation of Shilnikov Type in a Double-Gyre Ocean Model]] by Nadiga and Luce, a paper on homoclinic chaos 
-on the way to turbulence in the simpler setting of the barotropic 
-vorticity eqn. in the context of ocean flows would be very much 
 ===== Plumbers unite! A manifesto ===== ===== Plumbers unite! A manifesto =====
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