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Chapter: Turbulence?

( blog, chapter Turbulence?) — Predrag Cvitanovic 2009-03-08

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Here all references to external literature (avoid them in the text proper, it is meant to be self-contained).


a streak is a region of streamwise velocity deviation from the mean streamwise velocity

rolls, vortices are defined in terms of spanwise normal section in-plane velocity (streammwise vorticity)


F.H. Busse\cite[BC96a]: Many fluid flows exhibit sequences of bifurcations in which new dynamical mechanisms are introduced. Symmetries may be broken at each bifurcation.

  • primary state exhibits full symmetries of the system (example: laminar solution)
  • secondary states take - for planar flows - form of 2d rolls
  • tertiary states are full 3d structures (examples: equilibria of plane Couette)
  • quaternary states a time-periodic 3d invariant solutions (examples: traveling waves?)

In plane Couette experiments a transition to turbulent from laminar occurs at Re of order of Re=1600/4, with 3d structures realized\cite{DD95} as early as Re=640/4



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