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2013-02-03 Predrag to John A paper referring to channelflow: 3DFLUX: A high-order fully three-dimensional flux integral solver for the scalar transport equation by Emmanuel Germaine, Laurent Mydlarski, and Luca Cortelezzi.

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2012-04-13 Predrag to John perhaps check out, “Hamiltonian description and traveling waves of the spatial Dysthe equations” by Francesco Fedele and Denys Dutykh, or other Dutykh publications. Francesco and Denys will attempt to recycle 3D Eulerian flow, and I am very interested in what they found, both for geophysics and quantum field theory applications (equations like Yang-Mills are also Hamiltonian). Please help them - looks like channelflow is the perfect tool, except that currently they want to have a free top surface. Not sure how that would fit into the channelflow straightjacket. Denys will write the code. I'm starting to feel wistful about it, as at the present rate of progress I will not live to see the day, but you guys, when you get there, remember to set a champagne glass for me at the end of the table. If I do not show up, Elijah might.

2011-07-05 Predrag, “Turbulent transition in a truncated one-dimensional model for shear flow” by J.H.P. Dawes and W.J. Giles merits a closer look.

2010-06-10 Predrag Run into a bunch of papers by Magnitskii about “Feigenbaum-Sharkovskii-Magnitskii scenario of transition to turbulence in the Rayleigh-Benard convection.” Feigenbaum and Sharkovskii can sleep restfully (it is about sequences of bifurcations from the laminar attractor into tori and such, with increasing Rayleigh and Prandtl numbers) but visualizations onto like this one

might be useful to us. Of course, they do not explain the flow that generated this plot; presumably they have fixed a point in (x,y,z) and then trace (U,V,W)(x,y,z;t) as a function of time. Fixing U=0 also enables them to visualize a section across this torus. I put one of the articles, N.M. Evstigneev, N.A. Magnitskii and S.V. Sidorov, “Nonlinear dynamics of laminar-turbulent transition in three dimensional Rayleigh-Benard convection”, Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 15, 1007-5704 (2010), into library.

2009-11-25 Humbledt Plumber to Benny Lautrup: methinks,

“Pipes and planes” glides down your tongue like poetry

“Plates and pipes” (chapter title in Lautrup's book) is strictly engineering - no physicists thinks of a “plate”; infinite in all directions is called a “plane”.

2009-07-27 Balu /BALASUBRAMANYA Nadiga/ Your comments/suggestions on Global Bifurcation of Shilnikov Type in a Double-Gyre Ocean Model by Nadiga and Luce, a paper on homoclinic chaos on the way to turbulence in the simpler setting of the barotropic vorticity eqn. in the context of ocean flows would be very much appreciated.

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