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What's to be done?

This is the overall, conceptual ChaosBook blog: the latest posts at the top.
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:-\ where do you want me to start …? — Gregor Tanner 2009-03-08

Three kinds of edits are needed;

clearheaded writing of new material / rewriting

  • check out/add to/edit desiderata
  • Chapter "Get straight" needs to be rethought… Currently does not fit into the flow of the general argument.
  • lacks a bookcover - a page of web text that says what the book is about. Like what you see when you look up some book on Niall has written the first draft. Finalize it - repository ChaosBook/backblurb.html

careful proofreading/completing nearly finished text


:-\ Is it OK to insert illustrations in others people sections or change existing ones? It would be nice if all the illustrations follow one style and I thought we could stick to PCs hand drawings and something else for the rest. — Ronnie Mainieri 2008-06-29

ChaosBook lacks many many illustrations, compared to what we draw when we lecture on this material.

  • See where you would like to add/edit illustrations, and talk to PC about which ones you want to do ahead of doing them. Please keep *.eps small, in KB's rather than 100s of KB's - otherwise the ChaosBook.pdf will explode.
  • record the secrets of generating small figures in “How to format figures
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