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Hiccups blog: ChaosBook kvetches

This is the overall, conceptual ChaosBook blog: Enter latest posts at the top, blog-style

docuwiki not working for you? kvetch??? Gregor would love to contribute here, if he could only figure out how to log in.

Recent insights: A thread is a new page with a discussion at the bottom. {{threads>namespace:threadname}} enables creation of these new pages. The most recently modified thread always gets listed on top. For channelflow discussion, I create discussion topic pages like with normal dokuwiki links [[installation]], [[programming]], and then I put a “new threads” box {{threads>installation}} within those pages. Maybe should be within a discussion namespace, but no channelflow namespace since channelflow is the root. John Gibson 2009-02-13 19:42 EST

Ah, I see. Sorry about garbling the discussions and my errant finger pointing. I'll put them back in. I read up on dokuwiki namespaces and have a better idea how to do this now, namely {{threads>namespace:threadname}}, e.g. {threads>chaosbook:intro} which could be started from here or from a [[chaosbook:intro]] page. OK. Trying this {{threads>chaosbook}}: search?q=chaosbook&btnI=lucky John Gibson 2009-02-12 20:16 EST

Thanks, and sorry. I did not put them there - it is the {{threads>threadname}} command that you have now removed from this page (and along with it the discussion window that unregistered people could enter posts in) that generated these pages. Back to zero - now no chapter has a discussion window, I think they used to have them. — Predrag Cvitanovic 2009-02-12 14:58

When you create pages for chaosbook, make sure to put them in the chaosbook namespace by starting the dokuwiki link with chaosbook:, e.g. [[chaosbook:intro:maps]]. There were a bunch of chaosbook topics in the dokuwiki root namespace, which is for channelflow stuff. I moved them and fixed a number of links. If you encounter other broken links please fix them. Thanks! John Gibson 2009-02-12

I have no control of how these threads are ordered? They should be ordered as the chapters in the book are ordered. Maybe blog plugin would be better, but it does not work for me yet… — Predrag Cvitanovic 2009-01-28 05:37

use {{threads>threadname}} syntax to start one discussion window per chapter.

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