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 ====== Channelflow bug list ====== ====== Channelflow bug list ======
 +To add a bug to the buglist, ​
 +  - Make sure you are [[http://​​dokuwiki/​doku.php/​start?​do=register|registered]] and [[http://​​dokuwiki/​doku.php/​start?​do=login|logged in]]. Otherwise you won't see the "New thread"​ button.
 +  - Enter a short descriptive name for the bug in the "New thread"​ window and click the "​Create this page" button.
 +  - Write a bug report in new page, between the line with your name and the DISCUSSION tag. 
 +  - Preview and save the new page.
 +Please include the channelflow version number, the operating system, and the compiler or run-time error message.
 +You can use standard [[wiki:​syntax|dokuwiki syntax]], for example, surrounding code snippets with %%<code c++> </​code>​%%.
 {{threads>​bugs}} {{threads>​bugs}}
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